8 Reasons To Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has been around for a while, but its often misunderstood and many people don’t know much about it. It’s actually a great option for flooring. Here are eight reasons why!

1. Most engineered wood flooring require no gluing and are simple for any DIYer to install, which will result in thousands of dollars saved. The cost of installing solid wood flooring can cost as much as the wood itself.

2. They are prefinished — this means no sanding and no stinky chemicals and no waiting for days before moving back into the house, which is the case with solid wood flooring. Just install the engineered wood floor planks and then you’re done.

3. They can be laid on top of any type of subfloor, including wood subfloors and dry concrete slabs. No matter what kind of subfloor your home is, this type of wood flooring is sure to be a good fit.

4. They have a higher resistance to humidity as compared to solid wood flooring. High moisture levels can cause damage to hardwood flooring over time, while engineered flooring will fare just fine in the same conditions. This quality also makes them a suitable choice for basements, which is often prone to dampness and flooding.

5. They are stable – they are less likely to wrap or vary in width or length, like solid wood flooring is known to be.

6. They can be sanded and refinished if they need to be. The amount of times they can be refinished depends on the thickness of the real wood that is on the top of the flooring. High quality engineered flooring can be refinished four to five times.

7. Laminate flooring, carpet, and tiles will not increase the value of your home, while wood flooring will.

8. Suffering from allergies? Wood flooring are recommended by doctors for people with allergies because they don’t hold in dust and other allergens.

With the beauty of solid wood flooring but without its extra maintenance and difficult installation, engineered wood flooring is a great option that everyone should seriously consider when making a decision on flooring for their home.