Brazilian Walnut Hardwood Floors Add Class and Style to Any Decor

Kid-friendly and Better Homes and Gardens worthy make Brazilian walnut hardwood floors a superb floor covering choice. Imagine the rich, classic hues in dark brown that will add an air of class to any room while at the same time keeping your living space warm and inviting.

Hardwood floors are considered a preferred floor covering for many and Brazilian walnut is especially durable, second only to stone and known throughout the industry for its longevity. If you need a floor covering that will be hearty enough for your busy and hectic lifestyle yet beautiful enough for your life preferences and superior taste, this is the flooring to consider. The chocolate tones of Brazilian walnut are décor friendly lending a neutral feel that blends well with other neutral tones while showing off your splashes of color in a big way. Your floor covering using Brazilian walnut will be the perfect canvas from which to let your decorating dreams come to life.

Brazilian walnut, also known as Ipe, is a popular choice for decking, as well, because of its natural ability to repel insects, pests and mold. If you are in the market to spruce up your outdoor living space or maybe create one, this may be a perfect option for you. Think of the possibilities for a screened-in porch, sunroom, or hot tub area.

Maintaining your floor covering could not be easier. Sweeping or vacuuming your Brazilian walnut floors will keep them looking fresh and promptly cleaning up any moisture or spills will prevent damage to the wood. Your home improvement store will have the full details on how to care for your beautiful new flooring so that it will look wonderful for years to come.

Whether you are building a new home or updating your current décor, utilizing Brazilian walnut hardwood floors will insure a floor covering that will stand the test of time during every season of your life; through the pitter-patter of little feet right up to the need for low maintenance in your retirement years. This floor covering is well worth the consideration and investment and will be a true enhancement to any home and life.