Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor

The value of your living space is particularly vital as long as your home is concerned. For those living room with wood floors, waxing will provide a satisfactory shine while refinishing the floor will regain the richness and beauty of the wood. In some cases, such the floor sags, the whole boards will require to replaced. Refishing your floor comes in if there scratches and dings on your floor.

Equipments used for refinishing.

Flow edger, drum sander, buffer, shop vacuum, palm sander, putty knife and scrapper, ear protection, masks and goggles and form applicators.

Refinishing your floor.

(1). Sanding

Skilled professionals would tell you that sanding or stripping, can consume time and be labour intensive when refinishing your hardwood floor. The main objective of stripping is to remove old finish to prepare the floor for a fresh finish. The work starts with a course sandpaper fitted to the drum sander and the floor gets sanded. The grit is changed to a less course sandpaper and the process is repeated again until there are no traces of the old finish.

(2). Staining

After stripping all the old finish, seal the floor to give it a natural look. There are those who love a darker look of their floor. They can stain the hardwood floor to enhance the natural fresh look. Staining of the hardwood is time consuming because of several applications involved in the process.

(3). Floor board sealing

This is the last process in the refinishing of a hardwood floor. In this process, the preferred sealant is polyurethane. Two layers of polyurethane are needed to seal the wood perfectly. The floor will require a time of 6 to 8 hours to dry before applying the second layer of the sealant. Incase you want to apply any other layer do it 24hrs after applying the second layer.