Hardwood Flooring Cost

Hardwood flooring is a great way to enhance a home and make it look more updated. In addition to looking great, it also an easy and relatively inexpensive way in which to increase the value of the home and make it more likely to sell than homes with carpet. Hardwood flooring is also easy to care for and gives a beautiful and classic room to any room it is installed in. There are many different styles and colors of hardwood floors available, with a variety of price ranges to fit any budget.

The price of hardwood flooring is calculated per square foot. Price of hardwood flooring is influenced by the size of the area it is being installed, the brand, as well as the quality. Higher quality flooring that offers a longer warranty and is built to last for years may be more expensive at first, but may require less maintenance and will look beautiful for longer than cheaper flooring. Designer flooring will have a higher cost, as will exotic wood flooring and special order hardwood. Prices for hardwood flooring can range from $1.00 per square foot, up to $5 or more per square foot for special ordered flooring.

With hardwood flooring, there is something available for anyone on any type of budget. Those who are looking to purchase hardwood flooring should also consider the warranty period available, as well as the quality, as opposed to just purchasing the cheapest flooring that they find. They will also want to pick a color that will go beautifully with the decor of the space that it will be installed in.

In addition to the cost of the flooring, other materials such as glue, nails and transition pieces will also have to be figured into the budget. The cost of labor will also add more to the price of just the flooring. Many people choose to install the flooring themselves to save on labor, but those who are inexperience with laying hardwood should enlist the help of a professional to ensure that it is done properly.

Hardwood flooring offers a traditional and classic look that can help any home look more beautiful. It is an inexpensive way to update the entire look of a home, often being much cheaper than other renovations. Anyone who wants to give their house a quick makeover may want to consider having hardwood flooring installed in their homes.